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Welcome and introductory words

19th CEEMAN Annual Conference
Georgia - Tbilisi | 2011
I am very happy to have been invited to speak at this conference. These three days are an excellent opportunity to learn about reforms in Georgia and compare the situation in the past with what has been achieved by now. 

Thank you very much for coming to Georgia. The minister of finance, who is going to speak right after me, will tell you that there are many important projects going on in our country. The experience of your educational centers is very important. I hope that this is a good start of a future cooperation because many people will share their experiences during these three days. 

Our government works around the clock in order to achieve a breakthrough in the economy. Because we have to keep in mind the environment, the international situation, and many other factors, all ministries are involved in the reform process. My ministry is just one of them. 

Many international institutions have evaluated the developments in Georgia positively. Georgia is considered an easy country for doing business. Our war on corruption has been particularly successful. As a result of all our efforts, our country has become very attractive for business. Our educational centers are making a great contribution by producing young new managers. We work closely with those centers. For instance, students of the Caucasus University can obtain practical experience at our ministry and several of them are already working in the field of economic infrastructure. My own daughter decided to become a student of the Caucasus University; today is her first day as a student. 

Nowadays, Georgia is a big construction platform. We have 63 municipalities and we have construction work everywhere. We want to bring Georgia to a higher level. For instance, we have 7,000 km of roads and this year we managed to repair 1,000 km of them. This is a lot even for a highly developed country. As a result, all regional centers now have good-quality roads. If you travel in Georgia, you cannot fail to notice that. 

We are also developing our railroad system together with our Azeri and Turkish friends; we are connecting our railroads. We are building new highways as well as a new parliament building. In the past few years, we have been creating tourist infrastructure. We are developing communication links, water supply and everything that is needed. 

We are working on a regional development strategy for 2010-2017 together with our European partners. We have approved a mid-term plan for the country’s development and have found that we have all necessary preconditions, especially a sufficient supply of people who have studied at business schools. 

Georgia has a young government and we are proud of it. We think that this trend should continue. We need to employ a greater number of young men and women and give them an opportunity to contribute to the development of this country. Therefore, I must stress the function of educational institutions like our host today. They boost the country’s development by placing the emphasis where it should be. They have great experience and they are willing to share it. Our government, and my ministry in particular, considers this conference very important. We will study the conclusions that you arrive at because we are convinced that this is not an event for its own sake but something that will produce practical results. 

I am happy that this conference is so well attended, not only by Georgians and people from neighboring nations but also by citizens of many countries across the world. I want to thank all of you for coming. I am sure your time in Georgia will be interesting and useful. Should you have any questions that we can address, my ministry and myself would be happy to answer them. I would be glad to be your personal host at my ministry. Please contact me directly in case you would like to ask something as I consider this conference extremely important; as I said, your experience will be very useful to us. 

We are happy that this conference is finally taking place in Georgia and we are confident that it is not going to be the last one. Enjoy your stay and we hope to see you again in the future. When you return, you will witness the progress that has become achieved in the meantime. Thank you very much. I wish you a lot of success.
19th CEEMAN Annual Conference: Management Education in a Changing World: Are We Ready for the Challenge?
September 2011
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October 2011
Ramaz Nikolaishvili, Welcome and introductory words,
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