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Panel: Is Management Research Appropriately Impacting Practitioners, Teaching, and New Theory Development?

19th CEEMAN Annual Conference
Georgia - Tbilisi | 2011
I have three questions as well as some remarks about management research. Some of you may know that universities in Georgia are defined as research universities or teaching universities. For an institution to be a research university, it should have three levels of education: bachelor, master, and doctor. It should also publish articles in peer-reviewed academic journals. 

What problems do we face in terms of publishing in Georgia? We have faculty members and invited professors. The latter teach at different universities and have some 30 classes a week. They do not have time to write articles. There are many universities facing this problem. To deal with it, they have to increase their faculty membership. 

Another issue is that it is hard for a professor in this part of the world to get information. When you visit a company with a survey, it is not easy to get answers. They prefer to stay silent. For instance, I tried recently to survey companies in the hospitality sector and they were not exactly enthusiastic about that. They do not always see what is in this activity for them. 

We have different incentives to encourage our faculty members to publish articles in scientific journals. If they get an article published in a leading journal, they receive a good amount of money for it. There are articles right now on my table whose authors are waiting to be evaluated and paid. I think that this is one of the ways to deal with this issue; we should provide more incentives to our researchers. Another issue that we need to address is cross-border cooperation. CEEMAN can help a lot in this field. I know that there are many professors working in different areas. It is good to know who is working in what field. Then, crossborder partnerships can be formed on the basis of common interests and articles can be written and published jointly. 

We should also consider sharing resources. For example, there are many electronic libraries, like EBSCO, that can be shared by universities in our region. 

We also need to discuss how we can convince managers that management research is important. They think that they know the market because they are close to it. How do we demonstrate to them that our research can teach them something in addition to what they know?
19th CEEMAN Annual Conference: Management Education in a Changing World: Are We Ready for the Challenge?
September 2011
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October 2011
Ilyas Ciloglu, Panel: Is Management Research Appropriately Impacting Practitioners, Teaching, and New Theory Development?,
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